Özcan Saraç, Copnvvvs - Kaer'Uiks by Alessandro Ludovico on Printed & Online Autumn 2022 Issue 70

"Copnvvvs is the debut album from artist, musician and conceptual performer Özcan Saraç. Released on Kaer'Uiks, these eleven tracks have strong undercurrents of glitch and noise and together create a jagged and anxious flow. As with Saraç, there is no room for compromise, Copnvvvs radically deconstructs harmony to create something harsh, brutal, direct and much more. Copnvvvs is released as a limited edition black compact disc."

28:49 - Özcan Saraç - Copnvvvs [Kaer'Uiks]

Özcan Saraç :: Copnvvvs (Kaer’Uiks) by Benjamin Charles on 03/08/2022

''As a musician in experimental composition and electronic performance, Özcan Saraç is also a contemporary artist working in research / knowledge as medium and live installations. He creates fields of research using information processing and structures, with the purpose of questioning the human being’s relation to the universal system, logic and political mechanisms. His work has been exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Istanbul, Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Milan.

Copnvvvs is Özcan Saraç’s full debut release on Kaer’Uiks. An experimental glitched-out demonstration in generative forms. Whilst within the musical realms the name may be new to ears, including my own, Saraç’s takes a giant leap into the heavyweight pantheon of the experimental genre by bringing years of artistry into scope.

Devastating by design for over an hour we are baptized in digital holy-water. Hard to catch a breath it is abrasive on many levels. Notions tilt to singular melodics in some parts, but mostly we are embargoed from taking solace in tuneful instances. That is not to say to stay clear, merely come in prepared and to really enjoy all of Copnvvvs, in its entirety. Let someone who is a master of their craft take you through this existential outing; Özcan Saraç shows veteran knowledge on their debut.''