2019 | Installation Composed of Research Book + Radio Transmission + Audio Documentary

Armed Forces / Broadcast / Sound

How can we measure the perspective of a species whose biggest problem is to remain stuck in an egocentric system of thought? Departing from this question, the project defends the position that the only way to stop the modern world problems from getting worse in a system dominated by human ego is to evolve towards universal consciousness. To illustrate how unbearable a life form we are for the function-driven organic system, it examines the capital structures of all the world countries’ armed forces annually spending hundreds of billions of dollars, based on research data. To transcend our perception and to warn the other species in the universe, the military data in question and the message above are then sent to outer space throughout the exhibition’s duration via a condenser antenna with transatmospheric frequency intervals. The realization that the financial resources dedicated by global politics to units like health or education are so limited in comparison with military expenses, illustrates the extent of humanity’s level of primitiveness.

ÜBER_ALLES  /  .FF0000

2018 | Research Book + Video Installation

Flags / National anthems / Country profiles

The power of the centralized economic and political systems of control as well as the media channels functioning as a new kind of mass weapon, are evident in the rapid rise of the radical nationalist and right-wing tendencies all around the world. The baseless fears produced by the globally run simulation condition the individual to commit violent and segregationist actions in order to defend himself against an absent enemy, thus to act in line with the states’ interests without realizing it.

The work examines the visual codes for the concepts of motherland, nation and identity, the primary elements used in the creation of such perceptions.

The work’s title is composed of the expression ‘Über Alles’ taken from the Germannational anthem and meaning ‘Above Everything’, and ‘ffoooo’, the Hax color code for blood red. The artist extracts all the colors from countries’ flags except for the red referring to themes like blood, honor and power. It designs an experiment to investigate how the presentation of these new images in the form of a fast-flow, overdose video, now only containing shades of black – gray in addition to the color red, affects the viewer’s memory and conscioussness.

On the other hand, the anthology that came into being during the research phase contains each country’s basic political, geographic and socioeconomic data, followed by each national anthem with its most frequently mentioned concepts highlighted in red. The resulting lexical pool that can also be interpreted as the national anthem of today’s world, brings up the question of how the view of ‘the people for the state’ replaced that of ‘the state for the people’ as the new norm so acts almost like a lab specialist deconstructing the ruling powers’ narratives for legitimization rich in visual-auditory symbols, taking their powers away. 


2017 | Research Processing Sound + Book Installation

Constitutions - Media players with headphones - Fact sheets

When Earth is visited by different forms of life, what concept should the aliens first learn in order to understand humanity? A direct answer could be Politics. In everyday life, while the most powerful mechanism that an ordinary person is inadvertently trapped in is strengthened by artificial limitations he has created, the effects of this formation are becoming increasingly controversial and becoming the greatest enemy of human evolution.

Citizen, who is not aware of the fact that artificial concepts as radical political movements are trapped in the cycle of moving them away from the real and perceptive sense of reality, has created as a central control mechanism in the sense of service, but he is trapped in a cycle that serves these mechanisms.

So how can humankind who think that they are the most intelligent being on the planet can actually convince an external living form studying the world that they are the most intelligent being on this planet? The project brings to mind the first questions that different life forms can ask to the contemporary man on behalf of the bigger picture vision, inquiries and attempts to create a field of thought that would examine the siituation created on this planet.

In the 4.54 billion years of world age, the organic structure, called the human, continues to construct and develop mechanical technology as it continues to explore its own technology. A structure that resembles that of its own operating system, has a strong influence that can be a mirror to itself. One of the greatest proofs of this is that human intelligence, which is still in development, thinks that artifical intellignece will destroy mankind when time comes. In this case, it is inevitable to think that human intelligence is also artificial. At this point, the work uses the fine line between organic and mechanical structures to create a field of thought and uses the logical state aiming to alienate the mind from these concepts about the contemporary issues of the state, border, rights and refugee issues that can not be excluded from the policy concept that dominates the planet.

The project that collects statistical data for the year 2017 brings together the constitutions of the countries with the most refugees and identifies the cultural identities of their refugees by totally computer-generated programs, constitutional learning voice recordings as in a laboratory environment, examines the humanized computer generated sound files in different levels.

G20 or G8 or G5  /  .COMPLEXITY_THEORY

2017 & 2018 & 2019 | Net Based Live Installation

20 or 8 or 5 Computers - Data collecting and research - Video and audio 

5 computers aligned strategically, in the order of the members of the G5 group, an international forum for central bank managers of the five economies playing an active role in the world. Collectively, G5
economies refer to the 5 highly industrialized countries: France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and the United States. The G5 consists of five richest developed countries (with national net wealth) in the world. This industrial group includes the countries that were formed by the French initiative in 1975 after the oil crisis.

Live installation aims to investigate how large control mechanisms, such as centralized political systems, in the global capital order, channel the behavior of citizens through the media and normalize
the behavioral reforms that are able to achieve the deadly behaviours created by the politically beneficial movements on the people.

After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine, and the vast majority of collected data is sufficient to represent the current perception and relationship between media and citizens. YouTube has recently released an important feature: ‘’Autoplay’’. When a video is displayed on YouTube, it automatically sends and plays the next best available video via the the million line of code written by YouTube, so that the content and list of those videos uploaded by users and the media are determined by the algorithms used for specific purposes.

These computers, connected by a single admin on a single network, provide a visual and conceptual representation of the leader of each country, providing a G5 session in a live, communicative and consequently organic way. By connecting computers to a single network, YouTube starts by searching the names of 5 countries' leaders. Likewise, by allowing each computer to work in this way, the videos play automatically, the G5 session takes place to collect the data obtained during the exhibition, and the installation ends with the documentation of the data collected at the end of each exhibition.


2017 | Live Information Processing

Computers - Video & sound installation - Several fact sheets


Blockchain, as a technological advancement which decentralizes the digital information flow, has a big a potential for the public to take control of the data they process, which in this case can be called as a digital reform. But the current situation shows that the evolution of this concept is unlikely to be in this way. Even tough, when united, Blockchain can be used as a reactive system against the negative effects of major political and economical systems which collects all the data from citizens and use it to what content they will be consuming, we can see that the current trend of major use and interest on Blockchain technology by the public has been focused solely on the digital capital which is called as Bitcoins. As a reaction against the capital oriented Blockchain usage, which is now called as Bitcoins which can be produced by letting a computer to solve specific mathematical equations which is called mining, the work devotes computer power for scientific researches by solving mathematical equations just like producing Bitcoins (digital money), but in this case for something valuable for humanity.


The discovery of a prime number will be witnessed throughout the duration of the exhibition : This number, which also bears great importance in the world of mathematics, is so large and long that the known biological infrastructures are unable to comprehend it, so it will be calculated by an algorithmic order with 5 computers and softwares simultaneously. The graphical forms of the most recent prime number 2^74,207,281-1 comprised of 22,338,618 digits and discovered in 2016 streams a video installation. In order to make it perceptible, it is converted into a sound file. Thus, changing the format of the data into a compressed audio file to make in perceivable, also represents the technological ideas where this data might be necessary to be able to perceive it. Finally, it is experienced in a format which humans can materialize in with their senses.


5 Computers simultaneously run software to find the next largest prime number by solving 5 different assigned equations. It approximately takes 6 weeks for an average computer to  complete the task. The chance that the exponent being tested will yield the largest prime ever known is about 1 in 20,674,970 Video runs the largest prime number known in text format with the sound file which was converted directly from the data by computer. The largest prime ever known is 2^74,207,281 - 1 which is a 22,338,618 digits long number (10 medium sized books when printed). It takes 5 minutes and 16 seconds as a sound file. 


2016 | Scientific Book Installation

48 books / 800 - 1200 Pages each

Upper Row: 
Printed complete DNA Sequences of a chosen Human (Homo Sapiens) - 24 Books : 22 pair chromosomes + x and y chromosomes

Lower Row: Printed complete DNA Sequences of a chosen Medaka (Japanese Rise Fish) - 24 Books : 22 pair chromosomes + x and y chromosomes

Scientific researches show that the World's mass since the formation remains exactly the same except for certain substances released from atmosphere into the space and the falling meteors. This ecological system, using the recycling technology allows an infinite continuity, but the system which can exist as long as the solar energy exists is threatened by a single abnormality. Human as an organism resembles a virus, takes advantage of their environment and sabotages the millions of different of other life forms.

Although humans see themselves as special and advanced creatures or as having evolved over time, the billions of possibilities to be found in the infinity of time and space suggests the possibility that the human level of awareness can indeed be quite primitive. Earth is one of the limited number of planets that contain valuable resources that can give rise to the known intelligent life form in the observable universe; however, we see that although humans consuming the resources of the Earth, they are evolving in a questionable manner, they are simultaneously, and quite rapidly getting ready to bringing their own end by the globally forming political consequences which is driven by the same abnormality of a problem occured in the evolutionary intelligence. 

So, one can question the following; Is the level of consciousness of the human qualified to be a part of the “system”, in other words, does human existence make sense?

For the sake of this questioning, the project, processes and compares the DNA sequences of these two creatures from the same planet, Human and Medaka which hold the similar amount of chromosomes. DNA plays the primary role for the long-term storage of information, and four bases in DNA are called adenine (abbreviated as A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T). Human and Medaka have 22 pairs of chromosomes plus two sex chromosomes (X, Y). All of these chromosome sequences which are printed in the numbered books, hold and form the every single information which one can think of about that life form. Therefore, as a book is a good reference for information, it has been chosen for the visual representation of this work.


2014 | Digital Prints

Binary codes - Formed and processed by computer

Left Print | Negative: Audio recording of Hitler - Speech in Munich, 1923

Middle Print | Relative: Published research of Einstein - Theory of General Relativity, 1920

Right Print | Positive: Orchestral music notes of Beethoven - Symphony No.5, 1808

The personality of mankind emerges as a consequence of his own biological structure and its functioning. Throughout history, we see that humans connected with their intense emotions and instincts and rose beyond the possibilities of their times, performing unanticipated achievements. The repercussions of these achievements yielded both positive and negative results for the evolution of humankind. In that case, this human characteristic can be seen both as a blessing and a curse.

Although humans see themselves as special and advanced creatures or as having evolved over time, the billions of possibilities to be found in the infinity of time and space suggests the possibility that the human level of awareness can indeed be quite primitive. Earth is one of the limited number of planets that contain valuable resources that can give rise to the known intelligent life form in the observable universe; however, we see that although humans consuming the resources of the Earth, they are evolving in a questionable manner, they are simultaneously, and quite rapidly getting ready to bringing their own end.

In that case, one can ask the following question: is the existence of humankind logical after all?

For the sake of this questioning, the series takes the written, visual and audio recordings of some of the most important political, artistic and scientific events in the history of humankind civilization and transforms them into computer codes in a different language of logic and impartiality. As one of the simplest languages in existence, the data processing system does not contain any biological complications. These data contain exactly the same information as it does in the human language. The only difference is the use of zeros and ones as a binary system, similar to the psychical rules of this universe: something exists (1) or it doesn’t (0).


2020 | Web Based Installation

Google Verification Stages - reCAPTCHA ( I'm not a Robot )

For Your own Safety

''A government is the system or group of people governing an organized community, often a state, but also other entities like for example companies, especially in the case of colonial companies. In the case of its broad associative definition, government normally consists of legislature, executive, and judiciary. Government is a means by which organizational policies are enforced, as well as a mechanism for determining policy. Each government has a kind of constitution, a statement of its governing principles and philosophy. Typically the philosophy chosen is some balance between the principle of individual freedom and the idea of absolute state authority (tyranny).


2015 | Conceptual Performance - Sound Installation

Durations: 5^3 : 625 seconds / 5^4 : 3125 seconds / 5^5 : 15625 seconds

The performance is an act as a reaction to the negative effects of the illusional concepts which have been created by the humankind itself. Self-eleminating, with or without the audience, by focusing solely on the fundamental elements of the existence itself and by using pure rationalism to connect with the universe: Five Manifestations of Natural Phenomena :
Space. Matter. Time. Motion. Force.


2015 - ... | Research Based Photography

Documentation with clinical diagnosis texts

Ongoing Project.

Photography: Taken by the artist

Bibliography: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV